Why we Wear Custom Clothing

So, the question is really why? In the past, this is normal you know why? it’s plain and simple, humans have a sense of stereotype kind of taste in the past, I know I know not all of you may agree on this but according to older people well I suppose you’re a millennial reading this or a mid-40’s, according to them the tuxedo era is the stereotype era like all people you see in the 1900s wear plain tuxedos.

This only changed entering the stage of the 1950s where companies realized they could create human walking billboards. This was also the time where camouflage in the army clothing got so famous that many were misunderstood as soldiers.

Today there are many ways to achieve trends while YouTubers create their merch or ( products that can be bought or given eg” t-shirts” ) and the more IG posts we create the more t-shirt printing gets popular.

We tend to wear what’s in or what’s hip! like eating a dish that Queen Elizabeth herself ate thinking ” I want that too! ” the same principle why we wear this modern trendy shirt, it could also be, that someone gave you that shirt of a company where it says “open happiness” that would be ridiculous right? oh, wait there it is!  some companies literally give out these shirts for free! I mean why not right?

While others for the sole purpose of being creative this is one of the ways to shout out your creativity I mean not literally but to showcase your work of art. Imagine your art running worn by USAIN BOLT himself, oh, the designer must be so proud.  So basically, these are some of the reasons why we wear these products!

If you want to create and be one of these phenomenal designers, you can head on our shop clothingcanvas.com as you’ll be able to create super fancy and trendy custom shirts and accessories. For now, let’s allow our image of you being a great designer sink in.


The History of Tshirt Printing

When people think about printed t-shirts they think it is much modern, well they haven’t heard of its history. Printed t-shirts, however, didn’t just hatch in an egg they came into existence through technological advancements – you knew this of course!

Originally Custom shirts mostly are worn by Soldiers and Sailors during WWII as they got bored wearing plain shirts, they also used custom clothing in their military advancements like camouflage to hide their skin. The oldest method of textile printing is woodblock printing which dates back to 3rd century China. Which is made by mainly dipping a carefully designed carved wood into ink and pressed onto the fabric.

The era of custom t-shirts began in the 1950s when several companies started designing and decorating brand names onto a piece of fabric which eventually led to them to the idea of printing it to a shirt which is used nowadays to be some sort of a uniform!

Well, today, custom t-shirts are used as a method of personal expression through which creators and designers can freely express their visions through t-shirt printing this may be political, social or even advocate causes. The underlying and ever-rising industry has led to companies creating their brand names onto t-shirt printing which can create advertisements including human billboard perhaps, this is one good way of a marketing strategy.

With innovation in technology, the t-shirt industry improves their convenience by putting the custom shirts up for sale on the internet which is called ” online ordering” Canvas Clothing a company that mastered the art of t-shirt printing and allow their shoppers to create their own designs by uploading their own images, logos and photos.

They offer many types of customizable clothing products from tshirts, jumpers, pants to sport bras, underwear and caps. Explore their range today via their website.

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